Tuesday, June 30, 2015

GWC will be at the County Fair for Watershed Demo on July 1, 2015

Visit Gallinas Watershed Council at the Marin County Fair Garden Tent and learn from Floating Islands West what a floating island can do to improve water quality at the Civic Center lagoon.

Kids 12 and under were FREE at the Marin County Fair on July 1, 2015. Kids love our watershed model. Even a few local politicians have learned about watersheds (see 2014 photo with Al Boro and Damon Connoly).

  • Learn about water
  • Fun and interactive
  • Spray “rain” on a watershed to follow the flow of water and spills
  • Outdoors learning for all ages
  • Demonstrates common sources of pollution
  • Find out how to reduce human impact
  • FREE!
See more details here: 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Environmental Forum of Marin Master Class 42

Attention Marin County!

Lets keep Marin County that special green place that it is!

If you agree then you are an good candidate for the upcoming 42nd Master Class with the Environmental Forum of Marin!

As a very proud new graduate of Master Class 41, Alex Kahl highly recommends this unique training to anyone who wants to learn about environmental advocacy in Marin.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Energy Training and Business Advisory Holmwood Consulting Ltd

Holmwood Consulting Limited is an international provider of top industry training and consultancy in LNG, Natural Gas and Energy offering independent business advice, management consulting, executive briefing and energy training.

As a focused LNG, Natural Gas, Oil and broader Energy consultancy, Holmwood Consulting Limited with its in-depth knowledge of the global energy markets and developments delivers independent strategic consultancy, key market analysis, executive briefing and training services.


LNG, Natural Gas & Energy

Holmwood Consulting Limited delivers knowledge transfer through objective advice, training and consulting to address the real and differing business issues that clients are facing around the world helping them to resolve their unique challenges. Beyond just informed third party comment, we actively seek to give our clients the real information required to take the critical decisions that move businesses forwards. It helps its clients achieve these clear business goals by flexibly applying the Energy and broader Industry expertise of its principal, and selectively utilizing the wide experience and extensive knowledge base of our Associates, who have worked for many years as Directors, senior managers and industry business professionals.
Holmwood Consulting operates in primary areas:

1.     Industry Training:

The primary service provided by Holmwood Consulting Limited is Capability Building, Knowledge Transfer and Executive Briefing for international client companies – both direct contracted and via third-party providers. We have an established international reputation and are widely involved with training and capability building on commercial, markets, trading and technical aspects across the whole of the LNG supply chain, and in the oil and natural gas industries. Building on the core energy industry knowledge and proven business skills of its principal and a select network of top experts, we continuously endeavour to develop new courses and to lead market requirements across LNG and broader energy. The involvement doesn’t usually stop at the end of any knowledge transfer activity as much of our activity is repeat business with clients and delegates continuing to seek advice from us well after the training has finished.

Holmwood Consulting creates customised energy training, provides key executive briefings and gives in-company courses reflecting both specified needs and our areas of expertise to develop or update our clients’ staff. Classroom training gives participants the opportunity to interact with a live instructor and other trainees and, we believe embeds key learning more effectively. Such tailored, instructor led courses are designed to be interactive in nature and can be industry knowledge or business skill based. There really is no educational system provided that is worth more than learning from the experience of a 30-year veteran in the industry.

Holmwood Consulting Limited’s knowledge transfer occurs primarily via two types of training provision:
(i) In-company courses, Executive Briefings and Workshops
(ii) Public courses and Seminars

Holmwood Consulting Limited seeks to ensure that all such developed courses emphasize practical learning by encompassing interactive sessions, current market case studies, syndicate study exercises and, where appropriate, challenging debate to ensure a high level of attendee participation and knowledge transfer. Delegates are typically drawn from NOCs, IOCs, natural gas companies, LNG shipping companies, trading organizations, Regulators and Government Ministries, equipment & service companies and professional service firms, as well as financial institutions that serve the Oil & Gas business.

2.     Business Advisory and Consulting

Holmwood Consulting provides a distinctive approach by active involvement in the global business, challenging the conventional industry norms and in some cases forecasting trends. Change and volatility are perhaps the only constants in the global energy marketplace today, but change should not be feared as it brings opportunity for many industry players. Small in size, Holmwood Consulting Limited has proven ability to deliver real and lasting value with a growing reputation built around providing top quality, in-depth, objective delivery and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

It also increasingly makes sense to have a knowledgeable external third-party involved as a “Trusted Adviser” or “Client Friend” in natural gas and LNG projects, in much the same way as using an architect often ends up saving money on building projects, even the comparatively small ones.

Holmwood Consulting Limited is wholly focused on the energy sector and welcomes the opportunity to discuss client issues and propose a delivery approach to assignments using an appropriate combination of our Principal and Associates. This allows us to effectively provide the best possible approach at key levels within an organization covering typically:
Strategic: Gas Market Studies, New Market Entry, Development of LNG

  • Tactical: Gas Market Review and Analysis, LNG Exports & Imports, Commercial & Pricing, Trading and Logistics
  • Operational: Commercial and Contractual Management, Specification and Evaluation of support systems/ procedures
  • Holmwood Consulting welcomes the opportunity to discuss client issues and propose an approach for the development of the required insights.

 The People

An independent, professionally based specialist industry training and business advisory company, Holmwood Consulting Limited provides consultants with a strong mixture of hands-on international energy and diverse business backgrounds. Holmwood Consulting Limited provides a core team who are highly qualified, with most having first degrees and many with post-graduate qualifications together with a record of proven success and demonstrated accomplishment across the international energy and utilities industry over many years.

For more information about LNG, Natural Gas and Energy consultancy and training contact Leigh Bolton of  Holmwood Consulting at telephone +44 (0)20 8408 3696. www.holmwood-consulting.com/

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Marin Green Drinks mixers on November 11th at Lotus Cuisine of India

North Bay friends and colleagues please join me tomorrow in San Rafael for Marin Green Drinks!
Join us on Tuesday November 11, 2014, at 5:30 PM at Lotus Cuisine of India in San Rafael, California.

Carla Koop of the San Rafael Clean Program will present on their program, Litter Free Business - Take the Pledge!

"Businesses throughout San Rafael are joining together to beautify and reinvigorate the business corridors, creating a more inviting and environmentally friendly shopping experience for their customers and the community. See how you can be a part of the Team." 
See you there!

Monday, April 14, 2014


POST YOUR EVENT ON MyEarthDayMarin.org

Hosting an Earth Day Service Project!

Time for Earth Day 2014!

The My Earth Day Marin Coalition would like to invite you to:

Host a Service Project and announce it on the My Earth Day Marin website!

If your organization is planning to conduct a service project (e.g. litter pickup, creek cleanup, trail rebuilding, broom removal, planting natives), posting your project on this FREE website will make you part of a larger county-wide effort

To be recognized in this County-wide effort, here is what you need to do:

1) Click here and fill out the form completely.

2) When you have completed your service project, please let us know how many volunteers showed up at your site and how many bags of trash or recyclables you collected.
You can do this by simply contacting the Centerfor Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership
at Tel 415 448-0333 or emailing volunteermarin@cvnl.org .

The My Earth Day Marin Coalition encourages Marin County groups to get involved and be of service.  By posting your project on this free website, you will increase the visibility of your project and potentially add new volunteers for your organization!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Richard Wodehouse offers Residential construction manager, owner's representative services.

Richard Wodehouse is an owner’s project manager in Marin County with numerous honor and merit awards including the Colorado Association of Homebuilders 2000 Builder of the Year. As an owner’s project manager in Tiburon and Belvedere he oversees construction projects of all sizes for an efficiency and budget, eco certification, and to give home owners peace of mind. Richard has more than 35 years of experience as a fine home builder in California and Colorado.

Working on behalf of the homeowner, an owner’s project manager detects problems before they occur, reduces costs, prevents delays, and manages subcontractors. Having an owner’s project manager allows you to confidently approach projects such as new home construction, eco renovations, making the additions you’ve always wanted, or installing features to increase property values. Architects and realtors are an integral part of the process, and Richard can work directly on new construction projects. Richard is also certified to help implement cost effective green building measures. By utilizing Richard as an owner’s project manager, you save time and prevent costly delays through his hands-on, experienced management. Throughout the project, and afterwards, Richard will be your trusted and fair advisor.

Owner’s Project Management
Large commercial construction has always used a project manager; residential construction of all sizes is just realizing the benefit of a project manager for the same reasons. As a project manager, Richard evaluates schedule, and aid in the selection of subcontractors to give you more time and peace of mind. With years of experience, he can detect problems before they occur, forecast budgets in advance, and can compare costs across suppliers. Richard Wodehouse is also certified to suggest green building options where appropriate. You’ll receive weekly project updates, a project calendar so you can plan visits at key decision-making times, and a trustworthy personal advisor.

An owner’s project manager will give appropriate information and advice so that the owner can make informed decisions and maintain control of the project and spend his money wisely. By coordinating, guiding and monitoring that the entire team is working towards like objectives problems are averted, delays are prevented and risks are reduced, therefore substantial money is saved.

The number of hours necessary and appropriate to perform the duties required on a project to be determined as project evolves. Owner can request additional work, or lessen amount of work, or terminate the work of the OR at all times. Payment arrangements to be agreed upon by Owner and OR.

Little risk for you since Richard is paid hourly and the amount of involvement is decided by you, shortly after his involvement you can determine the valued he is bringing to the project.

Your investment in time will be repaid in a short time by giving you added confidence and peace of mind with verification that your project is proceeding the way it should.

Though it’s best to have a project manager throughout the process, there are three distinct stages during which Richard can help you:

Richard believed that his skill is to bring a meditative influence to a conflict to help people engage constructively, which will result in a satisfactory and permanent closing of the case. After a 33 year career as a builder of fine homes and light commercial buildings, He is now focus on construction project management and serve as a professional mediator.

Construction Resolution Experience
In 33 years spent creating architecturally challenging structures he have mediated one hundred disputes between highly invested, sometimes highly emotional individuals.  He has worked out very interesting and complex solutions between:

Owners and sub-contractors

Subcontractors and other subs on the same site

Subcontractors and their own employees working at sites

Employees with each other

Employees to company leadership

These conflicts carry the added urgency of adverse impact on the schedule for the entire project if not addressed and resolved within a day or two.

I work with you, the architect, to create a harmonious green construction project with your client. Working together, I give you reliable, authoritative input that is relevant to your current design, resulting in a “menu” of green features to present to your client. Take confidence that the products and features you implement meet green building standards and your project. In addition to decades of working with architects as a contractor, I’ve also served as a consultant in green building for residential projects for Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).

During the permitting and planning approval process we can work to identify:

Deconstruction and salvage

Impact of trucks on site and surroundings

Tracking Feedback

Compliance with Cal Green, Green Point Rated

Passive House Energy Standard

Living Building Challenge

LEED for homes

Building science

Controlled ventilation

Whole house systems

Indoor air quality

Lower maintenance

Reduced climate impact and lower bills

Recycling on-site

After construction I offer a specialized, unique Owner’s Manual which details for the client the location, use, and emergency shut-off for the green features and regular features such as power and gas.

The savings to your client will more than cover my costs.

With 37 years of experience with fine homes, Richard has a history of working with realtors and architects to meet client needs.

When you have a client that is interested in a piece of property that includes the possibility of remodeling or new construction, contact Richard and he can advise you on what is feasible, the corresponding budgets, and the reasonable timeline.

Richard will use his experience in building more than 100 projects, many of them high-end, and in all kinds of settings. Your clients can make informed decisions about their dream property.

Richard is using his vast experience and knowledge gained in 37 years of building architecturally demanding projects in California and Colorado helping owners in the role of an Owner’s Project Manager. It is the OR’s role to provide guidance and information to eliminate uncertainties and ensure the Owner’s best interests are at the heart of every decision made and attempt ensure the best products and practices are employed.

Richard E. Wodehouse started as a custom builder in San Diego County, California, where he quickly gained a reputation as being one of the area’s finest contractors. After 15 years, he established operations in Telluride, Colorado. Known for his ability to successfully complete architecturally-challenging projects, Richard developed a close working relationship with both world-renowned and local architects. In 1999, he opened a second office in Aspen, Colorado. Richard now lives in Marin County where he is a construction project manager.

Richard’s projects have been featured in such magazines as Architectural Record, Custom Builder, Remodeling Ideas, Progressive Architecture, Colorado Homes & Life-Styles, Telluride Style, and Sojourner Magazine. Richard was named Colorado’s “Builder of the Year” for 2000, and has received numerous national and regional awards for his efforts in Green Building.

Richard is a national speaker and often contributes articles to local newspapers on various Green Building topics. He is an avid sailor, river kayaker, and motorcyclist. Richard is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

For project management and mediation services contact Richard Wodehouse at 415-944-0278.  http://www.richardwodehouse.com/

Monday, November 4, 2013

Regional Complementary Currency for the Bay Area

What: You are invited learn about a regional complementary currency for the Bay Area

When: Thursday, November 21st  2013

Time:  9:30 to 11:00~  Refreshments will be served

Where: MarinLink offices at Northgate Mall, 5800 Northgate Mall Ste 250,  San Rafael  (Mezzanine)

Cost:  FREE~ Space is limited~ Please RSVP to Nancy Boyce nancy@marinlink.org   415-472-0211

Bay Bucks is a barter-trade exchange and a complementary currency for the SF Bay Area. We help local businesses cut costs and increase revenue while building local resilience.

EMail   Web         Youtubehttp://s.ytimg.com/yts/img/pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif  Facebook  Twitter

What is Bay Bucks?

Bay Bucks is a regional currency that aims to foster economic justice and resilience in the greater Bay Area. It solves the problem of the lack of cash in communities, which causes a downward poverty spiral. It also democratizes money as it enables participating members to create Bay Bucks as and when they need it. The money each member creates is backed by their own goods and services. Bay Bucks is not convertible to US dollars. This means 100% of Bay Bucks re-circulates in the region to build local prosperity.

We launched in Jan 2013 in San Francisco, and already have more than 100 local businesses in our network. They include: medical doctor, jeweler, bookkeeper, organic fair trade coffee, web developer, baker, marketing consultant, caterer, holiday rentals, business signs, architect, and many more. Most of our members are in San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Bay Bucks and Marin
We would like to roll out Bay Bucks to local businesses in Marin. Marin is critical to the success of a regional currency because it is the agricultural powerhouse in the Bay Area. In turn, we will be able to connect Marin based businesses to businesses in the greater Bay Area and help create a regional collaborative network.