Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Web services and internet consulting for small business and Nonprofits by Kahl Consultants

For your small business and nonprofit internet marketing services you can trust Kahl Consultants.

Kahl Consultants consists of an experienced team of web designers, programmers, internet consultants and online marketers. Our team is creative, professional, and environmental. We are a solar powered certified green business serving small business and nonprofit clients.

Based in San Rafael, CA (near San Francisco), we service hundreds of satisfied customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County and Sonoma County, as well as our national and international clients.

Complete Online Marketing

Not only do we design, program, host and market websites, but we also develop e-commerce shopping carts, manage email newsletter campaigns, build and maintain your blogs and social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Our Internet Services include:
•     Full spectrum of Small Business Web Services
•     Website Design and redesign
•     Web Hosting
•     Web Site Maintenance
•     Internet Consulting and Training
•     Content Management Systems (CMS) / Website redesign
•     Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO / SEM)
•     E-Commerce Shopping Cart Development and Hosting
•     Email Marketing
•     Blogs and Social Media

As internet consultants we provide our services to a wide variety of small business and nonprofit clients from many industries including:

•     Professional and tech firms
•     Environmental and energy firms
•     Sole proprietors
•     Non-profits and NGOs
•     Social and environmental groups
•     Health and Wellness
•     Green products and green services
•     Other small business websites


Trust Kahl Consultants for all your small business and nonprofit internet services, from website design to web hosting and online marketing.

Since 1996 our team of web designers, programmers, internet consultants and online marketers has been developing and maintaining the online presence for hundreds of clients.

We are an environmentally friendly business founded and operated by Alex Kahl. To show that we walk the walk we are certified green and are an approved member of the Green America Business Network, the Bay Area Green Business Network, and a Marin County Sustainable Partner.

We are also proud to be solar powered and are constantly investing in becoming more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We also help our clients to be environmentally conscious as well. Our team serves small business and nonprofit clients worldwide.

Our mission is to help small business and nonprofits with appropriate online technology in order to establish and maintain an online presence and an online marketing campaign in an environmentally and socially conscious manner.

Our internet consulting company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area in San Rafael, California, USA, where we have satisfied hundreds of customers. Many of our clients are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially in the North Bay in Marin County and Sonoma County. We also work with companies and nonprofits nationally and internationally.

Kahl Consultants specializes in providing a full spectrum of environmentally friendly web services to small 
businesses and nonprofits. From website development to online marketing strategies, we have completed over 500 contracts worldwide for customers from almost every industry, including many professionals, green businesses, energy and environmental firms, social organizations, non-profits and NGOs. Select nonprofit customers benefit from our pro bono and reduced rate nonprofit work, one of many ways in which we support environmental and social nonprofits.

Visit for more information about Kahl Consultants web services. Call us at 415-499-0838.

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