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Arbor Works Tree Service, Arborists and Tree care experts serving San Francisco and the North Bay.

Arbor Works Tree Services specializes in the latest arboricultural techniques, expertise, knowledge, and practices, when caring for your trees.

The arborists and Tree care experts at Arbor Works Tree Service serve San Francisco and the North Bay.

Arbor Works Tree Services specializes in the latest arboricultural techniques, expertise, knowledge, and practices, when caring for your trees.

With over 33 years of experience, Arbor Works is dedicated to the proper inspection, preservation, and when necessary, the safe removal of your trees.

They know how trees are important to the clients, and that beautifully maintained specimens evoke a sense of serenity and sanctuary to the immediate surroundings of the home and property. Trees can influence the microclimate by providing shade, wind shelter, and the oxygen we breathe.

Trees are delicate bio-systems with specific horticultural needs that can be disrupted through the stresses that the urban environment may impose upon them.

At Arbor Works Tree Service primary concern is the safety of their client.  Proper abatement of dangerous or unwanted trees will be performed with the utmost concern for safety in a quality professional manner in accordance to American National Standards Institute protocol.

Arbor Works Tree Services Includes:

•          Tree Pruning
•          Cabling
•          Tree Removal
•          Consulting
•          Treatments


Every tree situation is different, and species vary in wood hardness and decay resistance. Different hardware is tailored for each specific application. Some hardwood trees can be braced with lag bolts, some softer or decayed woods require through bolt installation.

Cable bracing should always be a last resort option. However, where safety and scaffold limb preservation are priorities for our clients, cabling can, in many cases aid in bracing the tree when pruning options alone are inadequate. Cabling must always be done in conjunction with pruning to reduce weight first.

Arbor Works Tree Service uses standard extra high strength cable with tree grip connectors and thimbles to guard the “eye”. Cable size varies with the estimated load stresses that we determine.

At Arborworks we gauge the height of the tree, the wood girth of the branch, limb length, and mechanical dynamics to properly engineer the positioning of the cable bracing system.

All cable bracing systems require periodic follow up maintenance inspections.


Consulting at Arbor Works Tree Service is done with an analytical approach to diagnosing tough tree problems.

A good diagnostician knows how to observe the subtle differences in a tree exhibiting abnormal appearance based upon familiarity with what is normal vigor for that species. This comes from years of observing trees in their environment both from the ground and up in the canopy.

Practical Arboricultural consulting starts with sound knowledge of the different characteristics that different tree species have, and their individual horticultural needs.

Arbor Works look at the site and its soil, climate, horticultural practices, construction impact, pests, diseases, plant competition and all the interactions of these influential factors upon your tree.

They recommend the appropriate and approved treatments to correct plant maladies.

Tree hazard evaluation is an important part of the job.

Knowledge of dangerous decay organisms and the conditions they thrive in is critical to the diagnostician.
Spotting internal defects in trees is a skill they possessed based upon arboricultural education and experience that comes with years of observing actual tree failures in the field and dissecting the wood during the course of removing them.

Arbor Works use diagnostic tools such as the resist graph decay detection device to assure accuracy in diagnosing internal defects.


Arbor Works Tree Service recommends the proper treatments and care that your tree needs.

To correct tree problems they may recommend implementing improvements such as:


soil fertility,

pest control,


Whatever the situation, proper tree care starts with knowing what the problem is and the corrective solution.

Tree Pruning

Fine ornamental tree pruning is an art that has taken Craig Peterson many years to perfect.
Every tree species is different in its tolerance to pruning, and every individual tree is different in its landscape setting.

Craig and his team at Arbor Works Tree Service take into account all the environmental factors, health, vigor, and horticultural conditions when setting the parameters of tree surgery.

Tree Removal

Tree removal at Arbor Works Tree Service is always performed in the safest manner possible with your home, security, and property in mind.

They are fully equipped to handle most tree situations with the best tools and occasionally the assistance of a crane (please see video footage).

With over 33 years of experience, they have become experts in the field. From sophisticated rigging techniques, and fast efficient machinery, to fine cleanup, they get the job done!

From their workers, your property, the property others and the public at large are fully insured with workers compensation, public liability, and property damage liability to give you the peace of mind you deserve as an 
Arbor Works Tree Service costumer.

Arbor Works Tree Service serves Marin County, Sonoma County, San Francisco. San Rafael, Novato, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Larkspur,  Tiburon, Ross, Kentfield, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland.

About Arbor Works

Arbor Works Tree Service is a sole propriety owned and operated by Craig Peterson, an ISA Certified Arborist #1169 WC.

Craig and his team of tree experts run Arbor Works Tree Service, a small company based in San Rafael CA. Since 1989 they have been performing tree care services in Marin County, San Francisco, and Alameda County.

As a certified arborist they are fully insured with tree service liability insurance, and workmans’ compensation.

Arbor Works Tree Service has a perfect safety record with State Fund Workman’s’ Compensation Insurance Company.

Craig Peterson knows Marin County as he has been living in Marin since the seventies.

For inquiry about Tree Service, Ornamental Tree Specialist and Tree Pruning and other tree service, contact Arbor Works at Tel 415-457-7119

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