Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gallinas Watershed Council in 2011

Efforts by the Gallinas Watershed Council to promote watershed planning for the zip code 94903 area (North San Rafael) finally paid off as Marin County launched a serious effort to begin this process in 2011.

Other watersheds in Marin have had their cities such as Ross, Fairfax, Corte Madera, Larkspur and Novato stepping up as major partners.

We hope San Rafael will do the same. Upstream impervious development and creek channelization leads to downstream flooding; a whole watershed approach will create systemic improvements so that those at the end of the line are not shouldering the burden alone.

GWC highlights from 2011:

Jan: Participated at the Bay Area Environmental Education Resource Fair

Feb: Held our 1st community watershed workshop at Northgate Mall
Gave tours of the creek with local politicians and journalists to draw
attention to the significant value of the wetlands
Attended a LOT of meetings around the bay dealing with Sea Level Rise,
Climate Change and Watershed planning

May: Began developing our watershed plan vision
Became an official creek group within North Bay Watershed Association
Promoted Marin County’s Watershed plan to local agencies
Made watershed presentations with Liz Lewis to Santa Margarita,
Contempo Marin and Mont Marin Homeowners’ Associations

Sept: Held our first Watershed Education Bike Tour and BBQ
Presented Gallinas Creek info at the Santa Venetia Labor Day Picnic

Nov: Presented watershed appropriate planning information at the SMART
Civic Station Area Design Committee community meeting
With Diana Connolly developed the Gallinas Creek Watershed Survey gallinascreekwatershed
Submitted a letter and spoke out to SR Planning Commission
addressing the serious flaws in the FEIR for the airport soccer development

GWC will continue to monitor proposed developments and speak out against inappropriate development. We will be watching as the Phase 2 Stormwater Pollution regulations come into effect and help support city and county efforts to keep our waterways free of trash and toxic chemicals.

We will also keep reminding everyone of the effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on our area and promote ways that work with, not
against, nature.

As always we can use your help, personally and financially, as we work to protect our local natural environment. Join our email list at www. to stay in touch with important issues or join us for a kayak tour, bike ride or headlands hike that celebrate this beautiful
landscape we are so fortunate to live in. We usually meet on the third Monday of the month and would love to have you join us!

To volunteer for Gallinas Watershed Council call  415 578 2580.

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