Thursday, August 27, 2009

Think Local, Act Local: Protect your Watershed

As a green-minded business owner it is important to show your community that you "walk the talk."

So it is important to not only green your own business but to also get involved in your community and help improve your environment. Be a civic leader and set an example for others by joining or supporting a local environmental organization.

What kind of organization should you join? One example of a local environmental organization is a Watershed Council. Here in Marin County, California, each watershed has a Watershed Council.

In case you are not familiar with the term watershed, it is simply nature's boundary for water resources. A watershed covers an area of land within which all the water (rainwater, snowmelt) drains into a common body of water (such as a river or sea).

My company Kahl Consultants is a certified green business and also a Marin County Sustainable Partner (both excellent programs to join if you want to market your green business).

We also support our local watershed council, the Gallinas Watershed Council. Gallinas Watershd Council aims to connect the people who live and work in Las Gallinas Valley with their watershed, to help each other take responsibility for our impact on the watershed through protection, restoration and education, and to advance conservation action in our watershed environment.

If you want to find a Watershed Organization in your area start by checking out these watershed council links.

Whatever you do to improve the environment, be sure to tell people about what you are doing. Add a news entry on your website, write a press release, and mention it in your newsletter.

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