Monday, September 14, 2009

Affordable and green marketing

You know what "they" say about going green... If you compromise on effectiveness and pay a premium you can do the right thing for sustainability.

But, hey, that's last-century thinking, isn't it? Just take marketing, for example. Here's how you can spend less, use fewer resources and still do a good job of promoting your company -- the email newsletter.

Email marketing effectiveness
Not only does a monthly email newsletter allow you to share your expertise and spread the word about your offerings. It helps you nurture existing customer relationships and build new ones. And then there's the big advantage of regular contact with customers. Increased sales.

Surprisingly, statistics show your clients are more likely to leave you because they feel ignored than they are for bad service. People love to be acknowledged. So give 'em more appreciation and interaction, but not just more selling. When you provide useful information in bite-sized form and ask for feedback you create a newsletter readers will value.

How green is it?
The carbon footprint of an email newsletter is practically invisible. After all, you don't consume paper, ink or the energy needed for printing or delivery.

And since we're talking conservation, keep in mind that an email newsletter also conserves your marketing budget.

Find out more reasons email marketing makes sense, especially in this economic climate...

Bonnie Ayers Namkung
, a Marin County green certified copywriter and marketing consultant, is editor of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce GreenUp! email newsletter.

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